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Sanitary Fittings


Accuflex NSF-listed hose, tubing and cabled bundle products for beverage dispensing are the most trusted names in the industry because they provide consistent, dependable, economical performance. They help maintain the highest drink quality, while reducing costly service calls. They are very easy to install, reliable and provide great customer satisfaction with fewer call-backs. Small wonder these fine products have set the standard for the industry and have become the most-specified beverage dispensing products by quality-conscious customers.



Bev-Seal Ultra® Series Insulated Barrier Tubing Bundles

Bev-Seal Ultra® Series cabled insulated bundles are  comprised of flushable Bev-Seal Ultra®, each color coded and individually numbered, and black-colored Series 221 LLDPE coolant tubes strategically placed and designed to provide optimum cooling. A tear-resistant aluminized film wrap over the group of tubes further enhances the insulating properties of the 3/4" thick tubular foam sleeve. A black extruded jacket with slip agent to minimize friction is branded with product identification, NSF listing marks, and footage counter marks. Other jacket colors  available (some limitations may apply).

The Brewt

Extreme Flexibility – Uniquely designed for maximum flexibility, bends easily around brewery equipment and works well in tight spaces.

  • Lightweight – Up to 25% lighter weight than similar rubber hoses, while still maintaining 10 BAR working pressure.
  • High Heat Resistance - Chlorobutyl tube capable of handling +108°C on a continuous basis.  Allows for sterilization with +130°C steam for 30 minutes or with 5% soda solution.
  • High Purity Tube - Will not impart odor or taste.
  • Smooth Cover – Designed for easy cleaning, no gaps or crevices for dirt or bacteria to hide.  Also provides a smooth surface for clamping.
  The Brewt
Sanitary Fittings  

Sanitairy fitting

Material Safety – Every KOA Sanitary Fitting is made from 316L stainless steel, and can be traced back to its original Material Test Report (MTR) by the heat number imprinted on each individual fitting.  Individual Material Test Reports are available upon request.

food Safety – Sanitary fittings are manufactured with a smooth (32 Ra) polish on food contact surfaces, and without any pockets or tight radii where food could become trapped.  Additionally, KOA Sanitary Fittings are designed with Finepoint™ barb ends, virtually eliminating areas where food or other transferred materials can become trapped at the fitting to hose transition area.


We offer five tools for use in cutting Bundles - Hose - Tubing and Slitting Bundle Jacket Covers

The cutting tools can handle a variety of sizes up to 2-1/2" OD Bundles.


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