Other hose and tubing products

Please find some tubes and hoses for industrial applications.

Industrial PVC 215 Series

215 Series gray PVC drain tubing

Recommended use:

Drain tubing

Product features and characteristics:

  • Economical industrial grade PVC tube construction;
  • Lightweight, flexible and kink-resistant;
  • Multiple colours, standard is gray;
  • Phthalate free.

220 Series LLDP industrial tubing

220 Series LLDP

Recommended use:

LLDPE tube for industrial applications

Product features and characteristics:

  • Economical and lightweight;
  • LLDPE resin provides excellent environmental stress crack resistance;
  • Natural colour;
  • Excellent resistance to solvents;
  • Chemically inert;
  • Phthalate free.

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