This quality hose provides excellent Barrier Protection from environmental contamination, thus assuring the quality of the CO2 gas being delivered and therefore ensuring a quality tasting final beverage. In addition to the exclusive custom formulated outer jacket compounds, the cover jacket is co-extruded with a unique Duo-Ex white over black combination, that provides the optimum in UV and weather resistance, resulting in superior outdoor service life.

Bev-Seal® 176 Series

Reinforced UV resistant CO2 supply hose

Recommended use:

CO2 supply hose when UV resistance is important.

Product features and characteristics:

  • Working pressures up to a maximum of 21 bar;
  • Proprietary barrier protected core tube design resisting permeation of CO2 gas, while at the same time protecting the gas from ingression of external contaminants;
  • Inner contact material is an inert polyethylene which complies with FDA CFR 177.1520 c 3.2a;
  • Unique duo-ex white over black outer jacket providing superior UV resistance and outdoor service life;
  • Superior bend radius and kink resistance due to a thick wall construction;
  • Excellent low temperature skills, bends without cracking at -78°C;
  • Phthalate free.

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