Glass-Flex, an ultra-smooth and flexible inner layer. That is what makes our Bev-Seal Ultra products so unique. The Bev-Seal Ultra tubes and hoses are non-porous, non-reactive, odourless, tasteless and provides superior barrier properties. The Glass-Flex liner ensures excellent clean- and flushability. It offers the best protection, your drink is safe with Glass-Flex!

Bev-Seal Ultra® beverage hose, tubing and bundles include Glass-Flex®.
The best flavour protection for your drink.


“Enjoy a drink as its creator intended!”

Bev-Seal Ultra® beverage hose, tubing and bundles feature our exclusive Glass-Flex™ inner layer, creating a truly flushable Dual-Barrier product that allows quick flavour changes, including pungent flavours.

Our Glass-Flex™ inner liner is:

  • Non-porous
  • Non-absorbent
  • Flushable
  • Taste-Free
  • FDA-Sanctioned
  • NSF-51/NSF-61 Accepted


The Glass-Flex™ polymer liner offers permeation resistance to flavours and gases, Bev-Seal Ultra® products still utilize our proprietary barrier layer in the wall of the tube to give optimum permeation resistance for organic flavours and gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. This dual-barrier construction makes Bev-Seal Ultra® products ideal for conveying and dispensing soft drinks for which flavour cross-over protection for pungent flavours is needed, and for juices and beer for which oxygen protection is critical.

Extensive laboratory testing, using both analytical and sensory techniques, has demonstrated that Bev-Seal Ultra® products are the best in the industry to assure that the great original flavour of beverages is not altered or compromised by the hose or tubing, even over extended lengths. Bev-Seal Ultra® can transport and hold both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, while retaining their properties for hours, days, and even weeks.

As part of our comprehensive field testing program in actual commercial installations, we confirmed that a highly flavoured cranberry concentrate and a colourless carbonated beverage could be exchanged in the Bev-Seal Ultra® lines through a normal sanitising protocol without evidence of any residual flavour left in the lines. Now, even pungent flavours can be switched without the need to remove and replace the tubing lines.

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