Our pride and joy, the best beverage transfer python available. 

Available in various configurations. Our python is suitable for all beverage applications. 

The best flavour protection due to our dual-barrier construction, including our Glass-Flex™ product contact layer. Provides unsurpassed oxygen and flavour protection combined with flushability in a co-extruded tube.

The animation says it all!

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Bev-Seal Ultra® 973 Series


The finest in python!

Recommended use:

The best beverage transfer python available. Can be used for all applications. Unsurpassed oxygen and flavour protection combined with flushability due to our Bev-Seal Ultra 235 Series tubes.

Key features and characteristics:

  • From the outside in:
    • Branded with product identification, certifications, and meter counter marks;
    • A black, yarn reinforced extruded jacket with slip agent to minimise friction;
    • 19mm thick firm tubular closed cell foam;
    • Plastic film holding all the tubes tightly together;
    • Aluminium foil further enhancing the insulating properties;
    • Our best dual barrier product tubes; Bev-Seal Ultra 235 Series with Glass-Flex™, coloured and individually numbered;
    • Cabled product and cooling tubes for straight unrolling;
  • Allows change-overs from even the most pungent flavours with simple flushing procedures;
  • Certified under standard NSF-51 for food equipment and NSF-61 for drinking water systems.

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