Kuri Tec®

A high purity non-conductive NSF certified, phthalate free hose with coloured jacket. White for potable and deionised water transfer, red for foodsafe CO2 transfer.

Kuri Tec® K6155 Series

Potable water hose.

Recommended use:

Ideal for potable- and deionized water transfer.

Product features and characteristics:

  • Made with Phthalate free PVC compounds certified under NSF-51/NSF-61;
  • White jacket to reduce tendency for algae growth and U. V. degradation in warm sunny applications;
  • Non-marking cover;
  • Non-perforated cover;
  • Non-conductive compounds;
  • Silicone-free;
  • RoHS(16) compliant.

Kuri Tec® K615x

Dutch standard red CO2 delivery hose.

Recommended use:

CO2 delivery hose

Key features and characteristics:

  • Crystal clear Phthalate Free PVC compound, formulated with ingredients in compliance with applicable FDA and CFIA requirements, meets USDA, 3A, NSF, UL, RoHS and USP Class VI criteria. Reinforced with spiralled polyester yarn;
  • Excellent pressure performance and kink-resistance while reducing elongation under pressure;
  • Smooth Interior Stays clean and reduces pressure loss;
  • Replace “x” for various dimensions;
  • Phthalate free.

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